Who Says Male Skin Care Isn't Manly? A Man Skin Care Guide Can Help You Turn Back the Clock

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You might disagree, but just here me out on this. I know what you're saying, you can't quite remember, the last time a group of guys got together for some beers and the conversation somehow drifted to male skin care.

So what does that tell you? Oh, just maybe . . . drinking beers and talking about the game are probably better suited. Seriously though, just because men don't go around having detailed discussion about skin care doesn't mean they're not interested.

You see, aging skin is not gender specific. Therefore, men have every reason to be just as concern about signs of aging as women.

A man skin care regimen does not have to be a big deal , most men want an simple, yet effective system to care for their skin.

So lets cut to the chase with an easy to follow guide designed to turn back the clock.

1- Clean your skin daily with a through facial wash that removes dirt, grease and pollutants from the skin.

2- Moisturize. This part of your regimen should not be taken for granted. A man's skin can be rough, especially if exposed to harsh weather condition and irritation from shaving.

Did you know there is a product available with hydrating ingredients, that penetrates so deep into the skin, that it's recommended you only need to use it every second week, when used along with it's companion revitalizing cleansing treatment. More about those later.

3- Look for product with ingredients, specially-formulated to rejuvenate skin cells. This will Reduce roughness caused through the environment, Help repair damage through general neglect, and Soothe your skin and reduce redness and/or inflammation.

5- Protect the area around the eyes. There are no exemptions- just because you're a man- that prevents the appearance of your eyes from giving your age away. Daily use of an anti aging eye gel can reduce bags under the eyes, and smoothing out wrinkles.

Male skin care really doesn't have to involve a lot of products or take a lot of time, you just need to use products with the right ingredients and you'll look years younger a lot longer.

Are Your Male Skin Care Product Repairing or Covering Signs of Aging?

Healthy glowing skin can take years off your appearance as well as make you look healthy. Over time elements like the sun, wind and humid conditions can take its toll on your skin.

All of this exposure typically leads to visible signs of aging: dull, saggy, discolored skin that often times contains wrinkles and blemishes.

This is where finding the best skin care products can be the difference between actually being able to repair your skin or simply cosmetically covering up the damage.

That why it's important you familiarize yourself with the benefits of skin care products made from natural, botanical and organic ingredients.

Ingredients that really make the difference

Capuacu butter- a superb moisturizer for the skin and is also an excellent emollient, which makes the skin feel softer and look younger. It helps to soothe inflamed skin and also makes your skin feel wonderfully fresh after showering.

Babassu - a light, natural wax, which softens and soothes your skin (giving it a nice velvet like feel) and creates an invisible barrier to retain moisture and keep out dirt and grime

These hidden jewels are sometimes hard to find, because some of the best products are not heavily advertised and may not necessarily be available in your local drug stores.

An excellent resource has been provide below to help you find quality all natural products for all skin types and conditions. Spend a few minutes enjoying the brief Video (provided at the link below), and your skin will repay you for a lifetime.

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Who Says Male Skin Care Isn't Manly? A Man Skin Care Guide Can Help You Turn Back the Clock

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Who Says Male Skin Care Isn't Manly? A Man Skin Care Guide Can Help You Turn Back the Clock

This article was published on 2010/03/28