Transform Dry Itchy Skin into Healthy Skin

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As women age, the hormone levels in the body change quite dramatically.  This process alters the lipid and protein contents in the skin.  This causes women to notice skin problems they might never have experienced before.  Most tend to develop more persistent dry skin that can flake and itch as they grow older.  Because the problem is so common, dry skin care remedies for dry, itchy skin line the shelves of stores and fill advertising space.  These dry skin care lotions can range from cheap to very expensive.  Confusingly, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.  Dry, itchy skin is irritating at best, and can be painful and embarrassing.

Superficial, Short-Term Help 

It is important to find a dry skin remedy that works instead of just making the skin feel better for a short time.  Many lotions and creams sit on top of the skin, providing superficial relief rather than healing the skin on a fundamental level.  With this kind of treatment, the skin dries out again quickly becoming dependent upon this quick fix.  To keep your skin from growing tight and itchy, you have to apply these products several times a day.  The main culprit in skin care lotions to cause this cycle is mineral oil, or petrolatum. 

Mineral oil acts as a sealant, sitting on top of the skin.  This is not only a problem for dry skin issues, but also because the skin is your body's largest organ.  It functions as the main way your body releases toxins.  With a film on top of the skin trapping these toxins in, you can become more susceptible to disease and allergic reaction.  In addition, some dry skin care products actually contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other adverse reactions.  The skin these chemicals in a matter of minutes and they enter the bloodstream spreading to every part of the body.

Problem Ingredients versus Skincare Wonders 

These carcinogenic chemicals include fragrances, parabens, preservatives, and dioxane, among others.  Alcohol is also often added to dry skin care lotions, which is counterproductive because alcohol actually strips the skin of the natural oils that keep it moisturized, drying it out further.  However, not all products for dry, itchy skin are filled with these.  There are some products which contain natural skin boosters, like collagen and elastin without ruining their effects with damaging ingredients.  Cynergy TK is actually an ingredient which can stimulate your own collagen and elastin to grow, transforming dry, itchy skin into supple, youthful skin again.

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Transform Dry Itchy Skin into Healthy Skin

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This article was published on 2010/12/16