Skin Care Information - Revealing Information About Skin Care Formulas

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Much of the skin care information that you get comes from sources that are basically under the control of the various entities that make up the cosmetics industry. This makes some of the skin care info that you are fed suspect at best. This is because what you are being told may not be in your best interest, but it is definitely going to be in the best interest of the industry.

The skin care information that you receive through the various media outlets is "guided" by the influence of the millions of advertising dollars that they are given each year by the major cosmetics companies. Everyone has seen the articles that describe the benefits of using a particular product, while lightly glossing over all but a few of the ingredients that the formula contains.

The skin care info that the article gives you is designed to cast formulas such as collagen and elastin formulas in a good light. Everyone knows that the loss of these connective tissues plays a huge role in the way that we look when we become older, so a formula that will introduce new tissue into your skin makes perfect sense doesn't it. It actually doesn't if you know the facts.

What the skin care information about such a product leaves out is the fact that the only way that tissue as dense as these can help you at all is if they are injected into your skin. The skin is not capable of absorbing collagen and elastin, when they are topically applied, so this method of tissue replacement is totally ineffective. The cosmetics industry is counting on the fact that you don't know this.

The other skin care info that you should know about is what they won't tell you about their products, and that is that the bulk of most of their formulas are made up of chemical agents. These chemicals serve no role that could not be capably handled by any of a number of natural plant based compounds, and with the natural components you would not have to worry about cancer, organ toxicity, and nervous system disorders.

The truth is that your best bet is to ignore the skin care information that you receive from the media. All that you need to do is concentrate on finding those formulas that contain nothing other than healthy, all natural ingredients. Although some natural ingredients are better than others, all of them offer your skin something positive.

Going back to the false skin care info commonly given about the effectiveness of collagen and elastin formulas, there actually is a way to stimulate the growth of new cells that create these two tissues. I tell you this because I want to use the protein based compound known as Functional Keratin as an example of one of the superior natural components. This is the one that will erase the lines and wrinkles most effectively.

When in doubt about the skin care information you are receiving, you can never go wrong with all natural formulas.

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Skin Care Information - Revealing Information About Skin Care Formulas

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This article was published on 2010/03/26