Easy Pumice Soap Recipe!

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Easy Pumice Soap Recipe!

You either live with a mechanic or you're a gardener. In any event you are looking for a pumice soap recipe. In this article I'll go over the list of ingredients and what to do with them. You'll see how easy it is to make this handy soap. Let's get started.

Before anything safety is always first. Make sure you have your goggles and gloves. Always use a lye calculator!

First the ingredients:

  1. Distilled  water 365 grams
  2. Lye 165 grams 
  3. Coconut Oil 397 grams
  4. Olive Oil 454 grams
  5. Palm Oil 227 grams
  6. Shea Butter 57 grams
  7. Fine Pumice ½ cup

Again, make sure to run this recipe or any other recipe through a lye calculator. Now, let's begin making the soap.

Make sure you have your goggles and gloves on.  Measure out the distilled water and the lye. Then carefully add the lye to the water. Let me be clear about this add the lye to the water. It's never the other way around. It's always the lye to the water and slowly. Then set the lye solution to the side to cool off.

Next, measure the coconut oil and the palm oil into a microwavable bowl. Then microwave until melted. Measure out the other oils and the Shea butter. Then add them to the coconut and palm oils. The Shea butter will melt slowly which is what you want.  Otherwise it will produce a gritty soap.

Now that you have all of the oils thoroughly melted, it's time for the fun part making the soap.  Take the lye solution and add it to you oils. Take your stick blender and blend until you reach a trace. At that point it the mixture will look like think gravy. Do you know how gravy sticks to the back of a spoon? That is what you are trying to achieve.

Once you have achieved a trace, stir in the pumice. Make sure to incorporate all of the pumice.  Then place the mixture into a mold and cover. 

Let it be for 10 to 12 hours. Then unmold the soap and cut in bars. Wasn't that an easy pumice soap recipe?

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Easy Pumice Soap Recipe!

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This article was published on 2012/03/20