Dry Skin Care Techniques

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There are so many forms of skin conditions as well as skin types that it is almost impossible for you to tell which one is better or worse. Some people with dry skin want it to be oiler, others who have oily skin wish that it was dryer. However, it does not matter what skin type you have, your skin will look healthier and hydrated with some simple dry skin care tips below.


Put in mind that dry skin care starts from within, thus if you hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and other fluids your skin is going to be much less dry. The skin draws most of its moisture from the layers on the bottom rather than from any topical cream you may use on the top layers. It is also important to note that when the body needs moisture and hydration it's going to give this to the skin last; it is the last in priority. The body hydrates the vital organs such as the heart and brain first, and then the major muscle groups, and then major systems such as the respiratory system and digestive system. Only the leftover hydration and moisture is then sent to the skin. Drinking water or fruit juice should be injected in your habit in dry skin care. For a change, try a drink mix like Crystal Light.


Moisturizing is also a part of dry skin care. And this means doing it religiously-day and night. It's so important to use moisturizers at night because they don't get rubbed off so easily and so the skin can absorb more, and because the body renews and regenerates itself during sleep. If you don't add a moisturizer at night then you're missing a big part of the skin care routine. Using one in the morning before you head out is also important because moisturizers act as a protective layer between your skin and the elements in the atmosphere that can dry your skin such as pollutants and other irritants. You don't need anything thick and goopy; a light moisturizer can be applied again during the day and it won't mess up your makeup or be too obvious to others.


It is also recommended to use natural products. Using natural products also means less irritation to your face which is very important for dry skin care. When the face is irritated it uses up what natural oils it may have resulting in even worse dry skin. Some plain vitamin E oil that is available at most pharmacies and retail stores works very well even under makeup. This oil is usually very thick and so the skin can absorb it over time.


All these simple tips for your dry skin care!


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Dry Skin Care Techniques

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This article was published on 2010/05/11